Every garden needs that additional space where we can sit outside and enjoy the sun. But, what type of material should be used to make a garden patio? We think that resin bound gravel is a great option. So, what are the practical benefits of resin bound patios? Here we share five of them.

No more pools of water

The patio is created with a permeable membrane that is porous. This allows water to filter through. This means that this type of patio is useful in areas that have heavy rainfall.

Suitable for all weather conditions

The resin-bound patio is suited to all types of adverse weather conditions. It is UV stable, meaning that it won’t fade in harsh sunlight. It also won’t crack during a severe frost or melt in the summer.

Low maintenance

If you are looking for a patio that is easy to clean and requires very little maintenance then the resin-bound patio is for you. There will be no growth of weeds and no loose pieces of gravel to sweep up.

Accessible for all

If you need a patio area to be easy to access and navigate, then the resin-bound patio provides you with a smooth surface. This is ideal for wheelchair users or for those with reduced mobility.

Built to last

Finally, the resin-bound patio is great value for money as it will last you an incredibly long time. If you look after your patio then it should last you for as long as twenty years.

Here at ELT Landscapes we provide a range of patio and paving Cambridge services. We utilise the services of resin-bound manufacturers to produce resin bounded gravel that is suitable for patios and driveways. To learn more about our resin bound patio services then simply get in touch with us today.

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