If you’re turning your thoughts to roof maintenance, you’re probably considering the potential risks to your roof. In this article, we discuss how snow and ice can affect your roof and what roof repairs to consider.

Extra weight

Roofs are designed to withstand rain — it just slides straight off! However, ice and snow can cling to most roof surfaces. As layers of heavier snow form on the roof, it is forced to withstand a heavier weight than normal.

For new, hardy, or well-maintained roofs, the occasional bout of snow shouldn’t be an issue if it occurs once or twice a year. However, if a roof is old, weak, or damaged and experiences heavy snowfall, problems can occur.

The added weight and moisture can lead to leaks, meaning water can seep into your roof and cause damage to its structure or your belongings. It could also cause your roof to sag under the pressure, which could lead to an even greater buildup of snow and ice. If you’re concerned about heavy snow, speak to an experienced roofer.


Icicles can cause a similar problem in terms of added weight. Look out for icicles forming during periods of low temperatures and be aware of the stress they can put on your roof.

Freezing and thawing

The process of water freezing and thawing can be particularly damaging to building structures. If you have any gaps in your roof, water can find its way inside. When the temperature drops and the water freezes, it expands. This can rupture roof material or turn small cracks into larger ones.


Ice and snow can also clog up your gutters — we probably don’t need to tell you that this is bad news. Ice in your gutter adds extra weight to the structure which could pull it away from your house — resulting in permanent damage to your roof.

Sometimes, ice in the gutter (or just on the roof itself) can even lead to the formation of an ‘ice dam’, which is a ridge of water that forms at the edge of a roof, preventing snow water from draining off it. The water that backs up can then leak into the roof or walls of your property.

Monitor your roof

If you’re experiencing heavy snowfall, keep an eye on your roof. Does the snow seem to be melting and clearing? Or is more and more snow accumulating on your roof? If you’re concerned about your roof sagging or getting leaks, you might want to contact a professional roofer to remove some of the snow.

Roof repairs for snow and ice damage

If you think you’re experiencing a leak, roof sagging, gaps in your roof, cracked tiles, or other snow and ice-related issues, it’s important to get your roof repaired quickly, efficiently, and professionally. A roofer will be able to visit your property, inspect your roof, and advise you on your repairs.

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