It is commonly accepted that adding a driveway onto your property can increase its value by 5-10%. Many people, however, are unsure exactly why this is. In this blog post, we look at 3 reasons why a driveway may improve the value of a property.

1. Curb appeal

Gravel, tarmac and block paved drives can be incredibly aesthetically and visually appealing if installed by professional landscape gardeners. They can make the exterior of a home look smarter, more modern and attractive, increasing the curb appeal of a property. Should you decide to sell your property, curb appeal will help draw attention to your home and encourage more potential buyers to consider putting in an offer.

2. Safety and security

A paved, tarmac or gravel drive can add value to a property by providing a safe and secure parking space. Secure parking spaces are often difficult to obtain and expensive to keep for the long term, but a professional drive ensures the homeowner will have a free, safe parking space ready and waiting for them whenever they need it.

3. Enhance your home

Driveways can be constructed in traditional, contemporary or futuristic styles, making them perfect for enhancing the style of a property. They can also be designed with modern touches and security features, such as security posts. Security posts give the homeowners greater control of who can enter their property, helping a homeowner to feel safer.

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