Whether you need a fence for your garden or need more privacy for your outdoor space, there is a sheer array of things you need to consider when choosing a fence.

Here we have compiled some of the fundamental aspects you need to consider before choosing a fence based on three basic needs.

Choosing the right type of fence

Choosing a fence for your back garden usually serves two purposes —it should offer security while also matching your plants and your outdoor style.

Classic fences have their benefits, and usually match all types of outdoor furniture, from resin pathways and patio pavers to plants. However, there are also several things to consider depending on what you want the fence for.


If privacy is what you want to get, choose a fence with almost no space between boards.

Landscape gardeners can help you determine the height of the fence based on your yard and your neighbour’s yard.

Shield wind

When choosing a fence to block strong winds, make sure you don’t lose the light or sacrifice your view. Fences made of glass are ideal, and they also work well with most outdoor furniture.

Also, make sure to calculate the right height, as you predominantly need the fence to keep the breeze out of the seating area.

Reduce noise

If you want to reduce the noise coming from outside your property, most fencing companies in Cambridge don’t offer many options.

In order for you to effectively block out sound from outside, you should choose a fence made of dense boards with essentially no gaps between them. Noise reduction fences usually work either blocking out the sound or absorbing it if the fence is lined with absorbent material on one of its sides.

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