When it comes to creating a new lawn there are two main options, laying turf or sowing grass seed. As with most things, there are pros and cons for both but which is the best option for you and your garden?

Let’s start with seeding:

There are some great advantages to choosing to sow grass seed in your garden, like being able to pick the exact seed mix for your environment. It doesn’t weigh much and is really easy to sow without getting messy.
Plus, the excess seed can be stored easily for future lawn repairs.
However, there are some practicalities to think about before rushing out to buy a bag of seed.
Growing a lawn from scratch takes time, you can expect to wait at least 6-12 months before having a verdant green carpet in your garden.
While you wait there will be plenty of maintenance to keep you occupied like trying to keep the birds from eating the seed before it has time to get established, or keeping the neighbourhood cats from treating the bare earth as a giant litter tray. Not to mention all the weeds that will potentially try to take residence alongside your young grass.

What about turfing?

One of the biggest advantages of using turf is that it can give you an instant and lush lawn, saving you 6-12 months of work and waiting.
There’s also no need to worry about the local birds (or cats!) and it’s relatively easy to lay. Turf gives an even lawn with no bald patches, something that can be hard to achieve sowing seed yourself.
Although there is the potential disadvantage of getting a little bit dirtier doing it than sowing seed, with turfing there is also the option of getting professionals in to do the job for you meaning no mess and no heavy lifting on your part.
Allowing professional landscape gardeners like ELT Landscapes to lay your lawn for you also means you will be getting the turf in top condition without having to worry about trying to get it laid before it starts to perish.
If you’ve decided to opt for a lawn that’s lush and green from day one without the all the fuss and hard work of doing it yourself, why not get in touch with us here at ELT Landscapes where our friendly team are waiting to help make your garden, paving and patio dreams come true in Cambridge and the surrounding areas.
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