If you are busy planning for that new driveway then you need to consider using pavers. These are available in a range of materials including sandstone paving and can create tarmac and block paved drives. Take a look at these top 10 paving ideas for your driveway.

1. Concrete paving slabs

You can’t go wrong with concrete pavers which are a great all-rounder. You can even choose a colour to match your property.

2. Resin bound surfacing

If you want a natural-looking driveway but without the maintenance issues of gravel, a resin bound driveway will be perfect for you. This durable and hardwearing option is also relatively quick to lay and set.

3. Block paving

If you want to create a decorative driveway then block paving is the natural choice as it’s available in many colours.

4. Black and grey pavers

If you want a neutral and cool-looking driveway then opt for block paving in tones of black, charcoal and grey.

5. Sandstone paving

For a traditional looking driveway that oozes sophistication, then you can’t go far wrong with large sandstone pavers.

6. Tarmac driveway with edged block pavers

You can always incorporate block pavers with a tarmac driveway to add colour and a decorative edge.

7. Paving circle

If you have a large outdoor space then you can always add a decorative paved turning circle to your driveway design for that wow factor.

8. Linear block pavers

If you want something that’s a little different, then why not make a driveway with linear pavers? These are rectangular pavers that will create an ultra-modern driveway.

9. The cobbled driveway

If you want an old fashioned driveway, or if you live in the countryside then you could always opt for cobbled shaped paving blocks that are attractive yet durable.

10. Herringbone paving pattern

This interlocking driveway pattern is very distinctive. Choose a variety of different colours for a large driveway.

11. Tar and chip driveway

Tar and chip driveways are perfect for those who are looking to keep costs down but still want a tough and durable surface. This is used a lot in rural areas where durability is key.

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